Xperience Rewards

Go to www.XeominAesthetic.com and click on “Sign Up & Save” OR Go to www.XperienceRewards.com
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Xperience Rewards Redemption Guide
Complete a few details about your treatment location and treatment date
Enter your Patient Cash Card PIN to get started
Provide your contact information and email address
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Frequently Asked Questions
Need help? Contact Us If you have redeemed a card before April 6, 2020 but have not yet used the card, and you would like to view your card information or cash balance, please contact 1 (866) 845-6273 for support. Otherwise, please contact our Client Care team: Phone: 1-888- 430-3523 Email: xperiencerewards@360insights.com
When will I receive my $50 VISA card Once your claim is entered on the website, payments will be processed automatically within one (1) business day and sent to your email address from notifications@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com. Please be sure to check your junk or spam folder if not received within this timeframe. Once your payment email is received, you can use your virtual Visa card immediately by following the instructions in the payment email. If you require expedited payment, please call us on 1 (888) 430-3523 and the Client Care team can expedite your payment.
I cannot find my clinic or Health Care Provider (HCP)? When entering your HCP, please begin by first entering the provider’s ZIP code and select your HCP from the dropdown list. If you cannot locate your HCP using ZIP code, please add your HCP by clicking on the link “Having trouble finding your purchase location? Enter it manually.”. Here you will be able to enter your HCP name and location.Xperience program, mobile phone