Lash Extensions

How long does it take to get them applied?
For a full set, it can take anywhere from 2 to three hours, depending on the look you are going for. This is a good time for a nap. It goes by more quickly than you think. A fill in takes a little more than an hour.
How long do they last?
Two to three weeks on average. Depends on how careful you are with your lashes. Be very careful in not touching the lashes.
How much do they cost?
This isn’t a cheap endeavor – a full set can run between $150-300 depending on where you are located. Fill-ins are generally less than $100, between $40-$65 in this area.
Don’t your lashes fall out?
You may not realize it, but you naturally lose lashes every day. So yes, you will see some shedding, but no more than you normally would (should you go to the right technician).
Do you still wear eye makeup?
You may choose to wear eye-liner and lower lash mascara.
How do you wash your face?
The same as normal  aside from staying away from my lash line. Please keep any oil-based products far, far away (oil will loosen the bond), and gently use a q-tip to get any hard to reach places around my lashes. There are also certain makeup removers that are created just for eyelash extensions.