Xeomin Credit Card

Merz has been working diligently with our new vendor to reinstitute the Xeomin Xperience Program, and have implemented some changes that we hope you will find helpful!  We now have a new website set up, accessible through XeominAesthetic.com, where the Xperience Program is back online and available for patients to redeem existing unexpired and unredeemed Xperience Reward cards.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A DIFFERENT WEBSITE FROM WHAT IS PRINTED ON THE PIN CODE CARDS YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.  Please see attached User Guide.   

While this new website is very similar to the old website, there are some notable differences that you should be aware of as you are preparing to re-open your practice and utilize the Xperience Program.

  • 24-Hour Turnaround Time for VISA Card Information. One of the biggest changes you will see at this time is when a patient redeems a Reward Card, it will take up to 24-hours for that VISA card information to be sent to the patient. Instant VISA card Information appearing after entering patient information, like in the old system, is an addition our vendor is still in the process of building within the new website. This will take around 3 weeks from now to complete. We understand this is a limitation to how some of our customers use the Xperience Program since the VISA card information will not be available for the patient to use at checkout after a treatment. In the meantime, if a patient needs this VISA card information instantly and cannot wait 24 hours, they can call 1-888-430-3523 and receive this VISA card information over the phone.
  • No User Login. There is no username and password sign-in for this new website. The only information a patient will need to redeem their $50 Reward is: The Reward code on the inside of the card, the name of the practice, and the patient’s personal information (mailing address, email address, date of birth)
  • Receipt Upload Section Not Required. After a patient submits their reward code and information, they will see a section on the confirmation page that allows a patient to upload their receipt if they wish. It is not required for a patient to do this to receive their $50 VISA card, and they can ignore this section.