Laser Hair Removal for Men

Although the bestlaser hairremoval treatments are frequently sought out by women, more and more
men are discovering their benefits as well. Diolaze™ uses high-powered, pulsed lasers to eliminate
hair from targeted areas and is considered the gold standard in permanent hair removal. Here, the
team of aestheticians at Caring Aesthetics in Mount Sinai, NY, explain why an increasing number of
their male clients are asking for this treatment.
1. Eliminates the Need for Shaving
Most men need to shave their faces every day. This adds up to a ton of money spent over a
lifetime on razors, shaving creams, and skin conditioning products. Diolaze is safe for the face and
can eliminate your need to shave. But if you’d like to keep a beard, it’s also an excellent way to
contour facial hair, which will make shaving easier and less time-consuming.
2. Gets Rid of Back or Chest Hair
Many men prefer the look of a hairless back or chest, and one of the most common methods to
achieve them is waxing. Visiting a salon or beauty spa every few weeks just doesn’t fit into a busy
schedule. As the best laser hair removal system, Dioloze requires only a few treatments to remove
this unsightly hair, giving you the smooth, groomed appearance you desire.
3. Is Permanent
Perhaps best of all, Diolaze permanently removes unwanted hair. You’ll save time and money by
not having to worry about shaving, clipping, or waxing ever again. From the smallest hairline
problems to the larger body areas, it can be used on the face, neck, sideburns, chest, back,
stomach, arms, and legs.
With spring approaching, now is the perfect time to stop worrying about how to cover up
unwanted body hair by making an appointment for the best laser hair removal at BelleVi MedSpa.